Founded in 1894 by Dr. Ruy d'Andrade, with Mares Guerrero Hermanos, D. Vicente Romero y Garcia, and D. Antonio Perez Tinao, all of pure Spanish race of Cartujana strain, and used as horse stallions from the same origins of which should be highlighted:

» Rumboso de Guerrero Hermanos
» Arriero de Camino Hermanos
» Bergantin de Eduardo Miura
» Cartujano e Saltador de D. António Perez Tinao
» Novelero de Pallares Moreno
» Principe VIII de D. Francisco Chica Navarro

This stud has an enviable history, how is that, since the end of last century to the present day was more often Breed Champion in competitions specialty, besides Iberian Champion in 1970 and 1972 and numerous honorable mentions in other previous and subsequent years.

It is undoubtedly the mother of the best Stud Stud farms Lusitanas the moment, and is spread by four continents. Prominent are like stallions, as with the iron of Stud, Wonder, Majestic, Fair, Vulcano, ences, Stiff and Martini. After the death of Don Ruy d'Andrade in 1967, he inherited this stud Eng. Fernando Sommer d'Andrade, who followed the previous course with excellent results.

Are worth noting at this stage the horses Urco, Umbroso, Vidago, Yacht, Zamorim, Cryptogâmico and Jabeque as breeders, all with Stud iron.

On the death of Eng. Fernando Sommer d'Andrade, was divided by the éguada their heirs. Iron d'Andrade, is nowadays used in Stud Farm José Luis d'Andrade, such has been decided, it is the place that lies in the foundation of it and because it is also who directs since 1975.

This Stud Farm has this remarkable horses in almost every hypoxic activities, from obstacles through education and at bullfighting. It is worth highlighting for its functionality:

Justo; Vulcano; Xerife: winner of the cross of Font 'Alva 04/21/1954 with Sebastião Tenorio;
Yankee fighting bulls with Rosa Rodrigues;
Alcoólico: also fighting bulls with Rosa Rodrigues, covered in stud Carlos Freire, Rio de Pombal Major and Murça Count;
Apache: ridden by Vasco Ramires, it was the 4th most winning horse of his time;
Bey: toureava with Rosa Rodrigues;
Catita: great bullfighting horse with José de Athayde;
Cofre: taught in school by Nuno de Oliveira, toureou with José de Athayde, was 1st place in Madrid in 1959 Doma Andaluza, 1st High School Madrid in 1959, was sold to João Nuncio and later made the stud Gaston Santos Mexico;
Eneias: 1958-1970 champion;
Epaminondas: great jumper;
Euclides: Golegã champion in 1959, was ensindo by Nuno Oliveira, property Baumeister (Switzerland), covered in Font 'Alva in 1970;
Firme: great horse bullfighting with José de Athayde, covered in Stud of Manuel Veiga, (children: Novilheiro, Opus, Neptune and Nile), the Stud Farm Romão Tavares, the Stud Farm Rafael Calado and some more;
Martini: great bullfighter;
Oásis; Ondulante; Islero; Urco: covered in stud Carlos Freire, in the Maria A. de Sousa Vilhena de Andrade and some more;
Umbroso; Zamorim; Dragão: sold to Vasco Freire made his stud mares with the same origin and iron, toureou with Paulo Caetano; Siskin and now as stud stallion and great bulls horse.